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Get accurate NPK records of your farm.  CLICK HERE

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Do you use spreading contractors? CLICK HERE

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Do you spread your own fertiliser? CLICK HERE

Do you spread your own fertiliser?

Find out how our revolutionary Ipad app will, save you money, help you comply with enviroment laws, eliminate double spreading or over spreading and help you accurately measure production returns VS inputs.

Do you mix between spreading yourself and contractors?

Use our Online system in conjunction with our iPad app and get the best of both worlds.

Do you use spreading contractors to apply your Fertiliser?

Find out how our easy-to-use online system will save you money, help you comply with environment laws, eliminate communication errors with contractors and help you make smart fertiliser decisions using historic NPK records.

How our tracking system works

Click here to see how our tracking system works!

Are you using the ipad app? Buy data here

Do you want to save money and time when buying and applying fertiliser?

Have you ever wondered if you could spend less on fertiliser?

PFNZ have created a system to help all farmers save time and money when it comes to managing fertiliser practices on their farms. This easy-to-use system uses satellite GPS technology to map out your entire farm and then track exactly how much fertiliser is spread, where it is spread and when it was spread.

Why bother?

- Imagine knowing the exact spreadable area of each paddock – no more ordering fertiliser for the spots the truck can’t even get to.

- Imagine having records of exactly what has been put where – you could prove you’re complying with local regulations at the touch of a button.

- Imagine being able to order your fertiliser and tell your spreader exactly where you want them to go all with the touch of a button – no more phone calls or waiting at the farm gate.

We’ve created two awesome and simple pieces of technology designed to help ANY farmer anywhere in the world.


Finally an easy-to-use system designed to help farmers

Keep accurate NPK records - Use the PFNZ service as a powerful yet simple record keeping tool. Our system automatically logs every product you apply to your paddocks from urea to effluent. Get instant reports on NPK levels in just a few seconds. Use this tool to help you comply and to benchmark inputs vs. production.

Prevent double spreading or over spreading - No more relying on your memory to figure out which paddocks got spread and when. Our system logs every application to every paddock. When ordering simply select which paddocks you are ordering for and your contractor (or staff member) knows exactly what to spread and where. Because it keeps track of exactly how much gets spread and where, you soon get to see areas in paddocks that are un-spreadable, as your historic data builds your fertiliser orders become more accurate.

Order from your suppliers at the touch of a button
Load your fertiliser suppliers and or spreaders into our system, from there, whenever you place an order using our system they will automatically receive order details and spreading instructions. If you’re self-spreading, your fertiliser company gets an order for the exact quantities you need depending on the paddocks you chose to spread on.

No more waiting at the farm gate - The PFNZ system makes everything simple. From the moment you place an order everyone involved is kept in the loop. You no longer have to wait at the farm gate for the spreader contractor to arrive, they’ll already know where to go and what to do!